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AIM Offerings

Our services bring whole-person coaching drawing from the fields of adult learning, leadership development, somatic psychology, and mental health to build the behaviors, skills, and practices that help your people thrive.
Create systems-level change with a people-centered approach.

We help you and your teams

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Improve retention and engagement

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Manage stress, burnout, and mental health with resilience

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Communicate and collaborate effectively

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Embody joy
at work

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Increase efficiency and wellbeing at the same time


Develop ways to engage in healthy conflict

The difference between our approach and others
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We aren’t one note. We bring a symphony of experts from the fields of coaching, mental health, business, education leadership, data scientists, adult development, trauma, yoga, and mindfulness together because the way each person learns and the needs of each organization differ.
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We prioritize experiences over PowerPoint presentations because learning occurs when ideas are paired with experiences. We use mindfulness, self-reflective exercises, and guided conversations that challenge participants to integrate what they learn towards enduring change.
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Well-being, self-care, and awareness do not have to be one more thing to do. We help people learn to tap their capacity to be well and bring more being into what they do, in order to be more efficient at driving impact. 
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Many change initiatives focus exclusively on thinking. We help you leverage body awareness to increase your emotional fluency, communication skills, and leadership capacities.
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Our version of professional development helps leaders build a team of change agents who help them implement and lead so that positive change is a shared responsibility. 

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AIM Team

As experts from the fields of psychology, executive coaching, business, adult learning, mindfulness and body awareness, we bring a multidisciplinary approach to leadership development and organizational change.