Our Mission

To bring the skills used in therapy offices, leadership retreats, and mindfulness centers into the workplace to help leaders put people and the planet first so that profit, prosperity, and progress come from cultures of kindness, caring, creativity, and collaboration.

Our Values


Our ability to think outside the box will help us transform challenges into positive opportunities to transform the way we work and live.


Looking beyond symptoms to cause and understanding our interdependence supports well-being and prosperity.


People have the inner capacity to heal, thrive, connect, and serve.


Including body awareness into our learning and habits helps us calm down, manage feelings, access creativity, and communicate well.


Practicing radical acceptance and recognizing that having and being enough is more generative than having everything and being perfect.

Clients First

Putting our client’s agenda first allows us to empower others to reach their highest potential.


Consciously grappling with the tension created by opposing views leads to new ideas, innovation, and positive change.


Transforming ideas into action brings hope, empowerment, and possibility.


Witnessing others with empathy, practicing compassion, and communicating consciously will help us build healthy, high-functioning communities.

Our Quality Policy

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, Awareness in Motion LLC and all its employees are committed to providing innovative programs, exemplary service, and industry-leading expertise of the highest quality to exceed our client’s leadership development and well-being demands.
PRI Registration

Awareness in Motion LLC is committed to maintaining its reputation as a leading organization in leadership development, executive coaching, and well-being services across multiple industries by:

  • Committing to providing necessary resources for our staff to excel and be in continuous improvement.
  • Maintaining consistency in the quality of our programs and service to our clients.
  • Ensuring our client’s needs and requirements are understood and satisfied.
  • Meeting or exceeding the ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • Continually assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of our programs to ensure objectives are met.
  • Continually improving upon our internal processes and quality management system.
  • Prioritizing integrity and honesty in our dealings with clients, vendors, and employees.