Develop your staff

To model and integrate transformational leadership, service, social-emotional intelligence, well-being, efficiency, and ease.

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Healing, restoration, well-being, and care are not just for the people you serve. Learn to cultivate it for yourself so that you can become a resilient champion for positive change.


For years serving others has meant sidelining ourselves. The very systems that care for others stigmatize self-care. Mental health is unmentionable despite the fact that exposure to repeated trauma is a part of many frontline jobs.

Overwork is incentivized in a work environment where stress and tension are the norms. The result: no place to heal and no way to address mental and physical health needs.

We help you and your team

  • Manage stress, burnout, and mental health
  • Cultivate emotional agility, self-care, and well-being
  • Develop a map to heal from challenging experiences
  • Improve challenging communication dynamics
  • Increase retention, belonging, and care

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Support Lasting
Well-Being and Change

We help you develop the skills and tools to weave well-being into work. We take an experiential approach with practices that can be easily integrated into the way people work through:

  • Whole Person Coaching
  • Mindfulness, Breathwork, and Body Awareness
  • Guided Self-Reflection
  • Communication Skill- Building
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Facilitated Conversations
  • Improvisational role play
  • Dialogue and reflection circles


AIM Offerings

Combine transformational experiences with tangible tools
that support the individuals, the teams, and the system.

It Starts with You

Build self awareness, move out of the fight, flight,
or freeze response, and reconnect to purpose
and meaning.

Walk the Talk

Learn to communicate with care and effectiveness,
listen well, share openly, give and receive feedback,
and engage in healthy conflict.

Create a Ripple Effect

Bring your capacity to care and connect to the culture
you work in, and build a culture of healing, kindness,
and creativity within and beyond the school building.


AIM Experiences